What is PCI?

What is PCI and why does it matter to you?

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How to design a checkout process that fits your business model

Would you believe that five basic rules alone can increase your checkout conversion by 6x!

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What a mobile app can do for your restaurant

If you are a restaurant, you understand the importance of getting an influx of orders and repeat customers. When you solely rely on third party websites as a revenue channel, you lose the opportunity to create a loyal customer base.

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Apps and merchants and payments, Oh my!

By Ashima Kudaisya · 11 April, 2014

Karen Webster, CEO of Market Platform Dynamics has written some outstanding articles in the payments industry. Below is one of her articles we wanted to share with you on retailers moving to mobile commerce.

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The spinny wheel effect

By Lewis Mills · 10 April, 2014

You’re thinking of closing this tab already. I didn’t give you a juicy stat in my opening sentence. I haven’t given you anything useful yet and we’re already 28 words in. Who has time for this nonsense? You’ve lost interest. You’re gone.

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Why mobile web apps are slow

By A great blogger · 08 April, 2014

We have read so many articles around web apps but none of them compare to the below article by Drew Crawford. We are sharing his blog post as is with you. Click here to read more such great articles by him.

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Making the mobile industry easy to understand is one of judo’s missions. Ensure your business never loses a sale with Mobile Payments & Online Payment Gateways from JudoPay.

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Smartphone users are shopping on their mobile in the UK


of UK users make a mobile purchase at least once a month


checkout conversion rate in native apps compared to responsive web design

You don't get much in the way of support or mobile payment advice when you speak to judo's competitors.

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