What is 3D secure? Should it be used on mobile?

If you had purchased an item or service online before, then you would most likely have encountered 3D Secure during the payment process. But do you know how 3D Secure affects your business’ conversion rate?

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Benefits of a mobile payment gateway

What is a mobile payment gateway? Payments terminology and jargon can be confusing, so let us clarify them for you. In this video, our CEO, Dennis Jones, explains how a gateway works and discusses the benefits of a mobile specific gateway.

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Common PCI mistakes

If you are an avid follower of our hub, then you would know by now what PCI is (if not, you can watch the video here). Staying PCI compliant should be an on-going effort, instead of being put in the back of your business. When it comes to payment security, preventive measures are always preferable.

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Empower your remote workforce to accept payments on any device

By Michael De Jongh · 22 July, 2014

Many organisations across the UK have a distributed sales force or remote service engineers that are often faced with many issues accepting card payments when closing a sale or asking their customers to pay for goods or services. If you are one of those organisations, you might identify with the problems below with your current payment solution:

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Does Your Restaurant Need a Mobile App?

By Janice Tong · 17 July, 2014

Most restaurants now have a  website and social media presence. Those channels have become the basic standard methods for promoting a restaurant. But if you really want to stand out from the crowd and foster customer loyalty, a mobile app is the answer. The article below briefly explains why you need an app and how to reap the full benefit of having one:

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Sell More. Risk Less. – judo releases revamped Website and Documentations page

By Janice Tong · 14 July, 2014

Sell more risk less

Today marks the release of our revamped website and an overhaul to attend to the needs to our ever growing customer base.  We’ve been busy making sure we are able to communicate what we do in a clear, succinct way. We are different to any other payments provider, here’s how:

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Making the mobile industry easy to understand is one of judo’s missions. Ensure your business never loses a sale with Mobile Payments & Online Payment Gateways from JudoPay.

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